Beyond Boundaries

We Go Beyond Boundaries

Teachers A Child is inherently a learner with a natural inclination to explore, discover and share that new-found knowledge with family and associates. In today's age, for a child to grow up into a responsible and responsive citizen, indeed a sensitive global citizen, a whole new mindset is vital in imparting learning in school which addresses a child's multifarious development needs.
It is with this motivation that sir Shri ram took initiatives in the field of education and set up some of India's renowned educational institution. Today these reputed institutions are delivering quality education, resulting in nurturing their student’s development - both in terms of knowledge and character - so as to be of value in the current changing world.
Shri Ram Global School is an initiative of the Shri Ram Education Trust, an institution conceived to impart the best education, coupled with development of values and personality traits, which breeds achievers.
In essence, Shri Ram Global School sets forth the way for each child to develop his/her unique potential, fostering in the child the ability to become a successful citizen, soaring high in tomorrow's world. The school emphasizes on a constructive relationship between parents and teachers as an important factor contributing to a child's success. It entails success. It entails building on the foundation of known educational principles, going beyond to the inculcation of new learning.